Weekend Week in Review

Another week, another group of podcasts and articles to read and listen to that I have dived into. Like every other week, there was a ton of content out there both in written form and through podcasts.Weekend Review

For podcasts, this was one of the better weeks that I can remember in a while. Robbie Bourke had a great episode with Tim DiFrancesco. CVASP with Fergus Connolly and Mike Snowden were both great. Mike Boyle’s interview on Barbell Shrugged was a must listen. And finally, the NSCA Coaching podcast with Ramsey Nijem had a ton of simple and useful information. I’d highly recommend listening to all five of them.

For articles, a couple really good reads this week. If you are like me you always could use some more thoracic spine rotation – so give Dean Somerset’s article a read. Also, give anything Tony Holler writes a read.



All Things Strength and Wellness with Tim DiFrancesco

CVASP #167 with Fergus Connolly

CVASP #168 with Mike Snowden

Barbell Shrugged with Mike Boyle

NSCA Coaching Podcast with Ramsey Nijem


Cleaning Up Thoracic Rotation by Dean Somerset

Ten Sprint Facts I Wish Everyone Understood by Tony Holler

The Problem With Being Happy by Dave Schools

Instilling Practical Sport Science in a Team Setting by Devan McConnell

Feed the Cats: How to Help Track Athletes Stop Hating Their Sport and Start Running Faster then Ever by Tony Holler

Sport Specific Training

🗣 There has been a lot of talk (debate) lately on “sport specific” training. For me, it’s pretty straight forward 👉 training is human specific not sport specific. I’d say close 85-90% of what we do is the same from team to team or sport to sport.

➡️ Everyone Sprints
➡️ Everyone Throws Med Balls in various planes
➡️ Everyone performs Power work
➡️ Everyone performs Knee Dominant work
➡️ Everyone performs Hip Dominant work
➡️ Everyone Pushes things
➡️ Everyone Pulls things
➡️ Everyone performs “Anti” core work
➡️ Everyone performs interval based conditioning

That being said, on the other end of things our training does take in account some of the specific demands or injury concerns that a certain sport may have, like potential shoulder concerns for volleyball athletes or hip concerns with hockey players, but at a max those specific issues make up 10-15% of our training. That 10-15% is important, but too many people take it too far in the name of “sport specific”.

Band Lateral Bound

Band Lateral Bound ⬇️

💥 Power in the Frontal Plane which is vitally important for most all athletes
💥 Power is plane specific 👉 you aren’t going to get better moving explosively laterally by doing cleans and snatches
💥 Just like the Band Broad Jump, the band lowers some of the landing stress – any time we can save a little wear and tear on the athletes body is a good thing in my book
💥 Band adds some resistance to a traditional lateral bound

Band Broad Jump

Horizontal power and strength is something that I feel we don’t train enough in the weight room. One excellent movement to train horizontal power is the Broad Jump, but something that I don’t use much as the landing forces on the knees scares me a little ➡️ the forces are very similar to the landing mechanism that can result in an ACL injury.

Instead, because we want the benefits of broad jumping, we will perform a Band Resisted Broad Jump. The Band Resisted version help to eliminate some of the stress on the knees when landing, along with creating an external resistance.

Monday Musings

Happy Monday! Here are a few thoughts bouncing around in my head after a week of reading, podcasts and other continuing ed. Enjoy!

hello monday

  1. “80% of your job is knowing what not to do.” – Fergus Connolly. I couldn’t agree more. As a strength coach, a huge part of our job is knowing what not to do with certain athletes. What exercises are contraindicated for a certain athlete? What exercises are contraindicated for certain athletic populations due to their sporting demands? Common sense, but a huge part of keeping athletes healthy is by not doing things that may do just the opposite.
  2. In the world of strength and conditioning, sports performance or coaching, complacency kills more careers then anything else. Always be learning. Always be evolving. Always be trying to be a better version of yourself personally and professionally.
  3. Always remember; No one succeeds alone. No one. Ever.

Weekend Week in Review

Another week, another group of podcasts and articles to read and listen to that I have dived into. Like every other week, there was a ton of content out there both in written form and through podcasts.

Weekend Review

For podcasts, there were a lot of really good ones this week. Fergus Connolly is always good. Dan Baker was a great listen on the Iron Game Chalk Talk podcast. But, David Goggins is something special – give that guy a listen!

For articles, lots of good content out there this week via articles, but being a hockey guy, I loved Kevin Neeld’s article on speed development and rotational power in ice hockey – some really good stuff.



All Things Strength and Wellness with Fergus Connolly

Rich Roll with David Goggins

Physical Prep with Chidi Enyia

Iron Game Chalk Talk with Lew Caralla

Iron Game Chalk Talk with Dan Baker


Misconceptions about Niche Development by Pete Dupuis

The Plight of the Elite, Fast-Twitch Athlete by Michael Boyle

Skating Speed and Rotational Power Development by Kevin Neeld

Three Things Nature Teaches Us About Motion by Perry Nickelston

Why You Should be Planning for 2020, Not 2019 by Ben Hardy

Pre Game Primer with Women’s Basketball

Another day, another day before a game primer type workout, this time with Women’s Basketball.

Same idea as yesterday, with some slight different movement/exercises.

💥do things fast
💥have zero muscle soreness the following day(s)
💥ultimately the goal is to get bodies moving fast and explosively heading into game play

We strategically are getting both horizontal and vertical lower body power as well as two med ball exercises that get into different planes of motion.

1️⃣ Sled Sprint
2️⃣ Med Ball Stepping Overhead Throw
3️⃣ Trap Bar Jump Squat
4️⃣ Med Ball Side Toss

Day Before a Game Primer Circuit

Piggybacking off yesterday, here is an example of our day before a game warm up with UNH Women’s Hockey where we will program rotational med ball work.

Thought process the day before a game is simple ➡️ do things fast/powerfully/explosively, with the goal of zero resulting muscle soreness, with the hopes of getting bodies moving fast, priming them to move fast heading into game play.

💥 1/2 Kneeling Lateral Starts..
💥 Continuous Hurdle Jumps..
💥 Med Ball Side Toss..
💥 Med Ball Overhead Slam