Supplements That Are Actually Useful: Whey Protein

Unfortunately 95% of supplements on the market are nothing but a scam and that may even be an understatement. Companies market supplements in so many ways, giving you all these crazy claims as well as before and after pictures that lure you in and get you to drop all your hard earned money…and the scary part is it more often than not it works. On the other end of the spectrum, there are actually some supplements that are beneficial and worth investing some money in. One of these supplements is whey protein.

There are numerous benefits to supplementing with whey protein. One benefit is simply getting ample amounts of protein per day. Most nutritionist will tell you that athletes/bodybuilders/powerlifters consume more protein than they need while the general population doesn’t consume enough protein on a daily basis. Furthermore, whey protein supplements are also very convenient and a quick source of nutrients when you’re in a time crunch (which we all are these days), a much better option than stopping at the drive through at your favorite fast food joint or grabbing some junk at a convenience store.

Then there are the benefits of consuming whey protein for people performing strength training and/or working out. Most studies have concluded that whey protein following exercise can help enhance the muscle hypertrophy response to strength training in healthy adults by increasing protein synthesis, allowing your muscles to come back bigger and better the next time you hit the weights or go for a run.

Finally, whey protein is flat out good for your health, whether you perform any type of exercise or not. In a recent study it was reported that after 12 weeks of supplementation with whey protein, overweight and obese individuals saw a significant decrease in total cholesterol and LDL as well as fasting insulin levels compared to casein protein and/or a placebo group.

Bottom line; whey protein is a supplement that anyone and everyone can benefit from. Start adding it to your diet today!


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