Hump Day Reading to Get You Through the Day

We all know how fun a long day at work can be, especially come when you realize its still just mid-week, so here’s a little reading to keep you busy while trying to get through another day.

Read More by Michael Boyle

The article has little to do with fitness and more to do about being successful in whatever path you choose in life. Mike even gives a handful of books that have influenced his career in running on of the most successful training facilities in the entire country.

Exercise Variety by Ben Bruno

Ben started writing a little more these days and I have been a pretty big fan of most everything he has put his name to so far. In my opinion people do stick to exercise programs long enough and jump ship after a couple of weeks and not seeing drastic changes to their bodies. Ben does a great job trying to set things straight.

40 Years in the Fitness Industry Part I by Dan John

40 Years in the Fitness Industy Part II by Dan John

Dan John has been around the strength & conditioning field for some time now and offers up a ton of info about things he learned throughout that time. Great read.

Tony Gentilcore on the Leg Press

Finally a great article on the leg press and how useless it is for most people. Anyone that reads a lot of Tony’s work knows a couple things…A) hes a pretty funny/sarcastic guy, and B) he’s freakin’ smart!

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