Things to Read to Get You Over the Hump – 11/2

Here’s a few good reads from the last week to keep you busy while trying to get through another productive day at work:

Weight Training Programs: 7 Ways to Get Strong(er) Now by Eric Cressey

A good read for lifters of all levels with tips on how to get stronger. I’m pretty sure anyone that reads this will come away with at least something that will help them become stronger, which is always a good thing.

Set the Bar High and Scissor Kick Failure in the Face by Dean Somerset

This is the type of article that is about fitness but its not really about fitness, it can apply to any aspect of your life. Take a look at and then reassess some of your goals and aspirations.

Mistakes that Skinny Guys Make: Flipflopitis by Tony Gentilecore

A post in a long line of articles about the mistakes that skinny guys make. This one in particular talks about how most skinny guys flip flop between training programs and goals and as a result never really make any progress. A good read with some humor, as usual.

Show and Go! by Alwyn Cosgrove

This is actually from Eric Cressey, but Alwyn posted it so I’ll link back to his post. Eric created a 20-25 minute webinar about how to design strength training programs with a ton of good stuff. Highly recommended for someone looking to spice things up and/or make some beneficial changes in their program.

And finally, I’ll leave you with this. Ben Bruno, strength coach at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditoning, squatting 225 for 35 reps, which is absolutley insane!

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