Things to Read to Get You Over the Hump 11/9

Here’s a few good reads from the last week to keep you busy while trying to get through another productive day at work:

4 Reasons Why You’re Not Making Progress by Mike Robertson

A good read on making progress in the gym. Whether your goal is to have a bigger squat, see your abs, or just get as healthy as you can, this will help.

Myths of MMA Conditioning by Joel Jamieson

With the popularity of MMA reaching new heights every day, I figured this would be a good read for many people. After every MMA pay-per-view you hear a ton about how a fighter “gassed” or what “out of shape” and things along those lines and Joel breaks down why it happens and how to potentially avoid it. Good timing on this article since this weekend one of the biggest fights of the year will take place between Junior Dos Santos and Cain Valasquez.

Why Your Workout Routine Shouldn’t Be Routine by Eric Cressey

Another great read by Cressey (which is basically everything he writes). The best part about this may be the free webinar that is included, a webinar that will give you a pretty good base for creating a solid strength & conditioning program whether you are an athlete or someone looking to become healthier and in better shape.

Squatmeggedon by Tony Gentilcore

The title says it all. This article is all things squat, with variations for anyone at any training level. The squat movement pattern is important for anyone and everyone so dig in.

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