Real World Strength & Conditioning

As I was “surfing the net” the other day I came across a short, 7 part video series documenting the offseason strength and conditioning program for the University of Iowa football team.I figured I would post this for a couple of reasons. For starters, people ask me all the time what a strength coach does on a daily basis and in answering the question I come across a lot of misconceptions. Most of the time people think a strength coach simply “makes athletes lift weights”, which is somewhat true but in reality it’s such a small aspect of what actually goes on day in and day out in a top-notch strength and conditioning program.

Another reason I posted this was for actual strength coaches so that they could see what one of the best strength coaches in the nation, Chris Doyle, does on a daily basis with a consistent top 25 football program. For those who don’t know, Coach Doyle’s reputation is as good as it gets, sending players like Colts tight end Dallas Clark and linebacker Pat Angerer, Chargers safety Bob Sanders, Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway, Jets running back Shonn Greene, Raiders offenseive lineman Robert Gallery,  and most recently Bucs defensive end Adrian Clayborn, amongst others to the NFL. The success these players have had in the NFL is a testimonial to the work Coach Doyle and his staff are doing with the football team in their year round strength and conditioning program. As a coach, I feel it’s always interesting to see what exactly is going on day in and day out at a top-notch football and strength program. You can watch the entire 7 part video series HERE.

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