Things to Read to Get You Over the Hump 12/21

Here’s a few good reads from the last week to keep you busy while trying to get through another productive day at work:

Do You Have A Management Problem? by Martin Rooney

A post that ANYONE could learn from. Time and time again you hear people complaining about how they don’t have enough time to do this and don’t have enough time to do that, yet in reality you have plenty of time, you just don’t manage it very well. I’m not one to complain about having enough time to get things done throughout the day, but realize after reading this I still could make much better use of my time from day-to-day.

The 20-Minute Hero: Workout Program, Meals, and More by Nate Green

A very similar read by Nate Green as the previous read by Martin Rooney…all about time management and making the most of every free second during the day.

The “Act” of Exercise by John Izzo

An interesting take on exercise, a take that I sort of agree with the more and more I think about it.

Women: Running into Trouble by John Kiefer

In all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of running, especially long distance running. I feel there are much better ways of getting into shape and dropping weight and/or body fat through shorter, more intense bouts of cardio. On the other hand, running is better than nothing at all and I would never try to talk someone out of running if it is something that they enjoy doing. If the options for someone are going for a long run day after day or sitting on the couch day after day, I’ll always be on the side of going for the long run. That being said, this is a pretty good article on running. The author is a little biased – okay a lot biased – but there is a lot of good information that may open some eyes to people who haven’t seen it before.

The 7/4/7 Protocol – A New Rep Scheme for New Muscle Gains by Nick Tumminello

Interesting rep scheme from Nick Tumminello. I’ll certainly give it a shot at some point and see how it is, but I have a feeling its something that I will like and something that I think you could get really creative with and have some fun.

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