Motivational Monday – BCS Title Addition

Since the BCS National Championship between Alabama and LSU is tonight I thought it would be fitting to make Motivational Monday a BCS addition.  When it comes to these two teams there are a ton of freaks and many soon-to-be NFL players on each roster but one player stands out: Trent Richardson. Richardson’s work ethic and relentless desire to become the absolute best at every time he steps on the practice field or the weight room shows every Saturday afternoon (or Monday night). Richardson has put up legendary numbers in the Alabama weight room, numbers that probably haven’t opened eyes since Vernon Davis of the 49ers was coming out of the University of Maryland. All this has helped Richardson become a much watch due to his brutal running style (if given the option he would much rather run someone over than run around them and routinely does) as well as helping him finish 3rd in the Heisman Trophy voting. The first video is all about Richardson in the weight room and the second video is some highlights from his time at Alabama which shows a lot of his more impressive and brutal runs. And for the record…Roll Tide!!!

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