Things to Read to Get You Over the Hump 2/8

Here’s a few good reads from the last week to keep you busy while trying to get through another productive day at work:

12 Reasons Your Not Losing Fat by Jason Ferruggia

I read most everything that Jason writes and agree with most everything he does — and this is no exception. Most people could shed a few pounds by adding in a couple of these ideas into their daily lives.

Steve Jobs and Coaching by Kevin Carr

I haven’t read the book but by all accounts it seems like Steve Jobs had many fault and was tough to work for but is someone that we could all learn a lot from. I am sure that no matter what you do for a living you could use some of his ideas to make you better at whatever it is that you do.

Intermittent Fasting by John Romaniello

I freely admit that I am not a big fan of intermittent fasting but it seems to be the new ‘hot’ diet and I am sure many people would like to read more about it. That being said I think there are a few upsides to intermittent fasting but I would rather see people eat 4-5 times a day and make healthy choices rather than fasting for a certain amount of time and then eating a days worth of meals in a short time period. To each their own…

10 Reasons Runners Should Include Weight Training by Charles Poliquin

I wrote something a  few weeks ago on why runners should be also strength training and Charles adds a few more reasons that I didn’t include. Either way I think the message is clear, runners should be weight training though many/most don’t.

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