Things to Read to Get You Over the Hump 5/9

Here are a few good reads to get you through the work week:

Mix it up with this High Rep Upper Body Workout by Greg O’Gallagher 

Ever get tired and bored of the same old training program – I do. Though I wouldn’t recommend a high rep program for most people, I do think taking a couple of weeks every now and again and banging out some high rep workouts is a good idea – and if your used to low rep heavy weight training, it’ll feel like cardio!

Rocket Science Alert: Strength Training for Pitchers STILL Improves Throwing Velocity by Eric Cressey

A real short but informative read by Eric Cressey. Not sure why people would think that strength training wouldn’t help pitchers but I guess there are still some people out there that wouldn’t have their pitchers perform any strength training.

Preventing Hamstring Injury by Michael Boyle

A quick video by Mike Boyle on the slideboard leg curl progression for preventing hamstring injuries. Again, nothing earth shattering here, but good information nonetheless.

Ben Bruno Interview by Mike Robertson

Great interview with MBSC strength coach Ben Bruno by another great strength coach Mike Robertson. Ben didn’t take the traditional approach to becoming a strength coach and if you’ve seen any of his youtube videos you’d realize quickly that he is one strong dude!

You Snooze, You Win by Martin Rooney

If Martin Rooney writes something, you should read it. I feel like everyone understands the importance of getting quality sleep every night yet they still don’t do so. Maybe after reading this you will try to focus on getting a little more quality sleep time each night.

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