Things to Read to Get You Over the Hump 5/23

Here are some great reads from the last week as well as some great videos to help you get through the work week:

Awesome Fitness Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure Take 82 by Ben Bruno

Every week Ben Bruno puts together a list of videos from the fitness world over the course of the previous week. Here is this weeks version.

75 Ways Deadlifting Just Plain Rocks by Dean Somerset

Title says it all. Deadlifting does rock, if done correctly. Here Dean puts together 75 reasons as to why he believes deadlifting rocks.

Muscle Strengthening Doesn’t Fix Form; Motor Control Training Does by Bret Contreras

This is a must read for any strength coach, personal trainer, or physical therapist. This read is great for someone like myself that is starting to really dig into the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as it touches on some of the most basic yet overlooked principles when it comes to movement patterns.

7 Simple Ways To Become a Better Coach by Tony Gentilecore

Title says it all…wanna be a better coach, read this.

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