Things to Read to Get You Over the Hump 5/30

Here are a few good reads to help you get through the work week:

Grill the Guru I: Charles Poliquin by Bret Contreras

This could be a very interesting series of posts by Bret Contreras. Essentially he is going to be calling out other strength & conditioning coaches that he doesn’t agree with and he decided to start with Charles Poliquin. I have to admit, Bret has a lot of interesting points in his post, things that are hard to argue with.

5 Things that Might Surprise You About Our Baseball Strength and Conditioning Programs by Eric Cressey

Eric has become one of the go to guys in the country when it comes to training baseball players so whenever he shares a little info on what he does with his baseball guys, we should all listen…and as usual it is a good read!

BSMPG: Educational Conductivity by Dr. Jeff Cubos

Dr. Jeff Cubos was also in attendance for the BSMPG seminar last week and he decided to share his experience at the seminar as many others have after attending. Good stuff – looks like we all learned a little something.

Preventing Hamstring Injuries in Soccer Part I and Part II by Matt Siniscalchi

Great two part series on helping to prevent hamstring injuries in soccer players, something that happens all to often in that sport. Nothing really earth shattering here, but a lot of good info for someone looking for anyone that works with soccer players.

The Minimalist Guide to Mobility by Roger Lawson

So many people make the HUGE mistake of overlooking both mobility and stability. With all the sitting in a car we do and time sitting behind a computer it is fair to say that everyone could benefit from some basic mobility movements.

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