Thing to Read to Get You Over the Hump 10/17

Here are a few good reads to get you through the day…

Training for Veteran Lifters by Jim Wendler

Great article by a strong ass man in Jim Wendler about how to train and train hard while you start to get a little older and older. Some good little tidbits in there anyone can learn from.

The Superset Survival Guide by Eric Cressey

A great and HUGE article by Eric Cressey that any and all coaches need to read. A ton of great stuff in there, I don’t even know where to begin, just read it!

Exercises You Should be Doing by Tony Gentilcore

I love push ups  and could make an argument for having them in anyones routine. There are endless ways to continue to make them more challenging and adding more and more weight. Take a look at this if you want a few push up knowledge bombs.

Tough or Reasonable by Dan John

Read anything that Dan John writes, end of story!

 Hip Mobility by Mike Robertson

Chances are you have terrible hip mobility, most do. Watch this quick video and fix those issues.

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