Things to Read to Get You Over the Hump 11/21

Here are a few good reads to get you through the work week:

All the Hype About the Kipping Pull Up by Tony Gentilcore

A really good read from Tony about the kipping pull up. Since CrossFit is all the hype these days and they are known for the kipping pull up, this is some info most people might want to read up on – and I agree 100% with Tony on this one.

Debt Free in 24 Months at 24 by Brendon Rearick

Awesome article that has nothing to do with training or getting into better shape in a way at all, but something anyone who went to college can relate to.

Strength Coach Podcast 112

The newest edition of the Strength Coach Podcast with Coach Boyle, Nick Winkelman from Athletes’ Performance, and Gray Cook amongst others.

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