Things to Read to Get You Over the Hump 3/13

Here are a few good reads to get you through another long, boring work week;


Deadlift vs. Clean Pulls by Wil Fleming

Is Overtraining Just Some Mythical Bulls!it? by Jason Ferruggia

Military Press Hurts My Back, What Should I Do? by Bret Contreras

Intensity Techniques to Make You Hurt by Tim Henriques

Considerations in Athletic Performance Enhancement Training: The High School Athlete by Rob Panariello

Ultimate Bacl Hypertrophy Movement by Ben Bruno

Shoulder Training Tips and 5 Exercises by Ben Bruno

On the Job Training by Martin Rooney

Recovery Revisited: The March Madness Addition by Tony Gentilcore

Finding Happiness by Adam Bornstein

T-Spine Rx by Derrick Blanton

Ankle Mobility Exercises to Improve Dorsiflexion by Mike Reinold

Strength Coach Podcast 119

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