Strength & Conditioning Reads for the Week of 7/14

Here are a few good reads from the previous week;


Success = Strength by Tony Gentilcore

How Does Usain Bolt Train by Bret Contreras

Why Do I Anterior Pelvic Tilt by Bret Contreras

I’m Done With Back Squats by John Romaniello

5 Tips From the Trenches by Ben Bruno

Understanding the Bilateral Deficit by Kevin Neeld

Massage Principles by Patrick Ward

Conditioning: Just Make It a Habit Already by Jason Ferruggia

Exercise of the Week: Slideboard Bodysaw Push Up by Eric Cressey

Strength of Evidence Podcast 7.5 – A Response to Rippetoe by Bret Contreras and Jonathan Fass

Strength & Conditioning Reads of the Week 6/30

Here are a few good strength and conditioning reads from the previous week;


To start off, if you didn’t read my post on female soccer athletes and ACL injuries you can read that HERE.

Now on to a few other good reads…

You NEED Long Duration, Low Intensity Cardio by Mike Robertson

Strength Training Programs: 4 Reasons You Might Not Need to Deload by Eric Cressey

6 Ways to Get Athletes to “Buy In” by Eric Cressey

The Truth About Overhead Pressing by Tony Gentilcore

The Fastest Way to Lose Fat by Jason Ferruggia

Strength Coach Podcast 126

Strength Coach Podcast 127