Diaphragmatic Breathing is Important!

“Your diaphragm is responsible for your breathing, your posture and for stabilization in performance.” Brett Jones

Poor breathing patterns can lead to dysfunction across the entire body. And because of that, almost without fail, the best corrective exercise is teaching people how to breathe properly.


Breathing has a huge neurological influence and is considered our window between the sympathetic (fight or flight) and para-sympathetic (rest and digest) of the nervous system. Most people that are in pain are stuck in a sympathetic state, and getting them into a more para-sympathetic state can do a lot in eliminating pain.

“Breathing is the number one corrective for shoulder mobility.” Brett Jones

From a mechanical standpoint, diaphragmatic breathing can allow for better positioning of the ribcage and pelvis, placing people in a more stable and aligned position, giving you a better base to work off. Diaphragmatic breathing can quickly improve shoulder mobility, hip mobility, help loosen up tight hip flexors, tone down an over-active upper trap and/or activate an under-active lower trap, amongst other issues.

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