Static Stretching?

“Stretching isn’t about today’s workout, it’s about preventing an injury six months from now.” – Mike Boyle

A lot of strength coaches have removed static stretching from their program after some of the research that came out many years back that showed a loss of power (though it was minimal) after static stretching. The research is far from convincing.
Some coaches have removed stretching from their programs after some of the research that came out years back showing the static stretching resulted in a short term loss of power, even though the loss was minimal and the research was far from convincing.

We on the other hand stretch every time we come into the weight room. We address tissue quality first via foam rolling then address tissue length via stretching. We follow this sequence with a dynamic warm up and feel that most all if not all the power that was lost is probably now back to normal levels.

Whether or not we actually lose power in the short term if we follow the stretching with a dynamic warm up is up for debate. What’s not up for debate is that I’d take the healthier athlete with potentially slightly less power over the minimally more powerful but potentially injured athlete every single time.

Top Left: Quadruped Adductor Rock
Top Right: Spider-Man
Bottom Left: 90/90 Hip External/Internal Rotation from Dr. Andreo Spina
Bottom Right: 1/2 Kneel Hip Flexor

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