Random Thoughts: July Edition

Here is a very random post that has 20 different thoughts that have been going through my head. Enjoy!

1. It is by no means an absolute, but I think athletes that can perform legit sets of 1-Leg Squats are going to be less likely to tear an ACL. Lots of proprioception, stability and a lot more strength required then most people give the exercise credit for.

2. You should never get hurt during strength training or because of strength training – strength training is essentially performed so people don’t get hurt!

3. Lateral sled work is grossly underrated. For any athlete/sport that has a tendency to have groin injuries (hockey, soccer) lateral sled crossovers are a phenomenal way to strengthen the adductors in an extremely functional way and are also extremely important for athletes that play a sport that requires them to cut a lot. Additionally, getting into the frontal plane is always a win.

4. Athletes don’t buy into coaching, they buy into coaches.

5. Performing some version of Turkish Get Up’s every single day may go a long way in improving T-Spine mobility.

6. If your clients are terrible, you’re a terrible trainer. If their technique sucks, you suck. – Mike Boyle

7. The two biggest issues in our field are stupidity and ego.

8. After working with the hockey population for a decent amount of time, it is clear that glute function is a major issue, most likely because of tight hip flexors. Bridging is much more difficult then it should be…therefore I think more bridging is always a good thing for the hockey athlete.

9. Something we’ve played around with is pairing low level corrective exercises and core exercises with our power work. This seems to be a great way to build in enough time to recover between sets.

10. Everyone wants to test well, but ultimately what matters most is how they play their sport and staying healthy. Too many people spend too much time trying to chase numbers that don’t and won’t help them at their sport.

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