Charlie Weingroff Quotes to Make You Think

Recently I was looking back through some of my notes that I have taken when listening to some podcasts. In doing so I realized that Charlie Weingroff has some really good thoughts and quotes that really make you think, many of which are worth sharing. And since I’m all about things that make you think a little and grow as a strength coach, I thought I would share some of the quotes that I found to be the most thought provoking.


1. If you have symmetrical 2’s (FMS) and an athlete still isn’t good at something, it’s a coaching issue.

2. The goal of strength & conditioning is to develop athletes that are fit and resilient enough to deal with the demands of their sport.

3. You can’t coach someone through a stiff joint.

4. If you try to train in positions that the body doesn’t own…that’s an injury risk.

5. Fitness is just becoming resilient to stress.

6. Corrective exercise should change a movement immediately. If it doesn’t, it probably never will.

7. You can have a strong core in one pattern, yet not in another.

8. Loss in centration in one joint leads to loss of centration in every other joint.

9. Use enough weight in the get up and let the weight teach you to be in the right position.

10. Lactic capacity is the monster.

11. FMS: Can the joints get into the correct positions to absorb and adapt to stress?

12. If you can’t do something correctly and do it anyway, you’ll eventually lose.

13. It’s not that hard to be cutting edge, you just need to be willing to learn.

14. Do you have to use barbells? Do you have to use kettlebells? No, you have to win.

15. Biomechanics and EMG don’t lie, they just don’t tell the whole story.

16. If something doesn’t change the way you move or make you more fit, it’s a warm up or a cool down.

17. Move well enough, move strong enough, move for a long period of time.

18. The most important core muscle is the diaphragm.

19. More people would rather do it their way, the way their comfortable, the way they were first taught, instead of doing what’s right.

20. Russian twists (flexion & rotation) are a great way to crush your spine in an inefficient manner. If there is one thing the spine hates, it’s the combination of flexion and rotation.

21. Stability is control in the presence of change.

22. I could give two shits what they can lift in the weight room. I only care what they do in sport.

23. You can have a ton of 21’s on the FMS, but if your training is terrible they’ll still end up hurt.
24. Little girls that can do pull ups don’t sprain their ankles.

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