Random Thoughts: August Edition

Happy August! As usual, here are 10 random thoughts that been going through my mind in the last month or so. Hope something on this list makes you think.


1. As a strength coach or personal trainer you are dealing with other peoples health. Don’t forget that.

2. Athletes don’t buy into coaching, they buy into coaches. – Kevin Carr

3. As simple as it sounds, understanding exercise selection along with proper technique can lead to some really great things.

4. A new common theme in our field is everyone trying/wanting to sound really smart. The reality is doing simple things is usually much more effective. Simple usually wins.

5. Everyone is open-minded until they find out everything they know is wrong. Then they aren’t very open-minded anymore. – Charlie Weingroff

6. People and/or teams don’t win by accident – principles of success have common themes. Study the greats and figure out what it is that makes them great.

7. This gets said a lot, but not all athletes are the same. It can be more difficult in the team setting, but coaches need to individualize things as much as possible.

8. Are you chasing numbers or chasing health? Getting better or cooking the books for the head coach? – Patrick Ward

9. Simple fixes to get people/athletes into neutral according to PRI: left leg down, right leg up on half kneeling exercises.

10. Don’t let ego cloud decisions.

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