Random Thoughts: November Edition

It’s a new month which means another brain dump of random thoughts that have been going through my head with a couple quotes tossed in for good measure. Enjoy.

  1. A robust system under stress remains strong. – Dave Tenney
  2. Great coaches have the same energy at 5pm that they do at 9am. Take care of yourself. Eat right. Sleep. Get out of the weight room when you have free time. It isn’t fair to those athletes later in the day if you are tired and just looking to get through their session.
  3. Criticize a mistake, not an athlete.
  4. Our job as strength and conditioning/sport performance coaches is to make athletes better general movers and more resilient/durable through proper strength training, and then hand them off to the sport coaches.
  5. The best strength coaches live in the gray area when it comes to disciplines like PRI, RPR and many others. They steal a little bit from various different disciplines and apply them to their program in a way that works for their situation. The best also don’t get caught going way too deep into the rabbit hole.
  6. Look for the teams and coaches that are the most successful. Figure out what the commonality between these successful teams and coaches are. Then apply it to your situation.
  7. As coaches we have the tendency to think we need to speak all the time to fill the gaps. In my opionon this is far from the truth. The coaches that are able to listen to their athletes are the coaches that will really do well in the long run. Listen 80% of the time and speak 20% of the time.
  8. Great sprinters have great isometric strength. – Chris Korfist
  9. 99% of the time when an athlete is struggling with a movement more weight is not going to solve the problem.
  10. Most all strength coaches would agree that there is a need to individualizing programs for athletes. But simply giving athletes different weights for the same exercise isn’t individualizing things.

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