Random Thoughts: December Edition

Another month, another group of random thoughts that are going through my head. Some from working day to day in the weight room, some through listening to others thoughts in podcasts, and some due to what I have been reading. Enjoy!

  1. Changing respiration changes physiology. Diaphragmatic breathing is clearly important, but I still think its underrated in the world of strength & conditioning and physical therapy.
  2. I find myself using a straight bar less and less these days. We hang clean and hang snatch with a straight bar. We also bench with a straight bar. Sometimes we will perform split squat variations with a straight bar but that isn’t often and its typically to add some variety to the program. Other then those exercises, we almost never touch a straight bar.
  3. Tony Holler said that “Sprinting potentiates jumping.” Therefore I would think performing more speed work with jumping athletes like volleyball and basketball might be beneficial.
  4. “Typically the limiting factor in acceleration is strength.” – Joe DeFranco.
  5. Isometric work has been gaining a little bit of steam recently. A question I have: if you get stronger through isometric holds at the top and bottom of a movement pattern, will the entire movement patter (the middle) get stronger?
  6. Anthony Donskov spoke on some of his lower body work in-season with hockey teams. He performs hamstring movements earlier in the week because the hamstrings are fast twitch and take longer to recover. In addition, he performs his tougher knee dominant movement later in the week because they are more slow twitch and can be trained with minimal fatigue on the ice. An interesting thought process.
  7. Frontal plane and transverse plane movements are huge for athletes and shouldn’t be overlooked…yet they are more often then not.
  8. I tend to think most non-traumatic injuries are either because of continuous overuse or are caused because the body couldn’t control and external force. Both probably aren’t a good thing but both can probably be avoided.
  9. For most people, I think the risk/reward between goblet squat vs. back squat or split squat vs. back squat falls in favor of goblet or split squat.
  10. I think pre-game warm ups need some type of high intensity/high speed movements to ready the body for what is to come. Something like a few reps of some type of linear/lateral speed work might fill this bucket.

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