Best of 2017: Podcasts

Piggybacking off of yesterdays post, I wanted to bring to you the podcasts that I found to be the most interesting from the past year. I try to listen to various podcasts; Michael Boyle’s Strength Coach Podcast, Rugby Strength Coach Podcast, Rob Pacey’s Pacey Performance Podcast, Jay DeMayo’s CVASP Podcast, Mike Robertson’s Physical Preparation Podcast, and a handful of others.

With so many different and great podcasts out there these days its extremely hard (impossible) to consume all the information. I simply went back through some of my notes, figured out which ones I took the most notes on, then included it on the list. There could have been many, many more, but here are 15 podcast episodes that struck a chord with me the most over the last year. Enjoy!

CVASP Podcast with Cory Schlesinger

CVASP Podcast with Devan McConnell

Rugby Strength Coach Podcast with Chris McCormick

Rugby Strength Coach Podcast with Chris Korfist

Pacey Performance Podcast with Bill Knowles

Pacey Performance Podcast with Michael Boyle

Strength Coach Podcast with Tony Holler

Physical Preparation Podcast with Anthony Donskov

Physical Preparation Podcast with Matt Nichol

Yoga & Beyond Podcast with Charlie Weingroff

Rdella Training Podcast with Eric Cressey

Rdella Training Podcast with Gray Cook

Just Fly Performance Podcast with Kevin Carr

Just Fly Performance Podcast with Dan Pfaff

All Things Strength & Wellness with Chris Korfist


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