Weekend Week in Review

It’s Sunday which means I review some of the podcasts I listened to and articles that I read throughout the last week.

When it comes to the podcasts, I really enjoyed the Movement Fix with Brett Bartholomew. Brett is a strength coach that thinks beyond sets and reps, a coach that has a passion in developing human beings, which is a slightly different area of expertise then you’ll find with most strength coaches.

For articles, I enjoyed the article on the 1×20 system with Matt Thome. I have been thinking about giving 1×20 a try in the early off-season with teams in the reconditioning phase and this article helped clear up some of the confusion I had around the system.



Strength Chat with Bryan Mann

Movement Fix with Brett Bartholomew

CVASP with Tim DiFrancesco

CVASP with Jeremy Frisch

School of Greatness with Gary Vaynerchuk

Mobility WOD with Eric Cressey


Random Thoughts – February Edition

Strength Coach = Stress Manager?

High Performance Implementation of 1×20 and Beyond with Matt Thome

Modern Speed Training with Alex Natera

The Reason the Patriots Always Come Back by Kevin Clark

Optimal Tempo Training by Derek Hansen

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