Weekend Week in Review

It’s Sunday which means I review some of the podcasts I listened to and articles that I read throughout the last week.

When it comes to the podcasts, I really enjoyed Mike Robertson’s Physical Preparation Podcast with John Kiely. John is quickly becoming a go-to resource when it comes to all things periodization and has a ton of valuable insight into how periodization applies to team sport athletes.

For articles, I enjoyed Joel Smith’s article on keeping things simple. In the current world of strength and conditioning and all the information out there, it can be easy to get away from what works, and that’s the basics.



Just Fly Performance with Carl Valle

CVASP with Dr. Zach Long

Pacey Performance with Andrew Russell

Physical Preparation with John Kiely


Overcoming Isometrics

Clusters for Power

Top 10 Strength and Conditioning Books to Read in 2018 by Carl Valle

Doing Simple Better by Joel Smith

Hockey Advice from a Strength Coach by Michael Boyle

Insighted on Functional Athletic Performance Training by Michael Boyle

Why ‘Conscious Coaching’ Beats a System Based Approach to Training and People by Brett Bartholomew

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