It’s Sunday which means I review some of the podcasts I listened to and articles that I read throughout the last week.

When it comes to the podcasts, there wasn’t a ton of new information, but the podcast on sleep that Mike Robertson did was great. Lots of basic yet applicable information that anyone can apply to their life right away to improve their sleep and overall health and well being.

For articles, I really enjoyed the article by Craig Pickering on improving performance on game day. There are some smart people out there that are doing some simple power based work on game day or the day before to help improve game day performance and this article helps with what someone may want to look into doing.



The FitClique with Josh Bonhotal

Power Athlete Radio with Justin Roethlingshoefer and Devan McConnell

Smart Nutrition with Charlie Weingroff

Physical Prep Podcast on Sleep


What Happens to Your Body on No Sleep by Wes Judd

Training to Prevent Hamstring Injuries by Kevin Carr

The Distance Debate by Ross Eves

Your Conditioning Program Does Not Have to be Sport Specific by Craig Marker

How to Enhance Performance on Competition Day by Craig Pickering

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