Weekend Week in Review

It’s Sunday which means I review some of the podcasts I listened to and articles that I read throughout the last week.

When it comes to the podcasts, I really enjoyed Derek Hansen on the Pacey Performance Podcast. Derek is a leader in the field of strength and conditioning and has a ton to offer.

For articles, the piece written by Noah Harrison on rib flare was very good. Tons of people, dare I say most people, probably deal with ribs that are sitting where they should be, and this article is chalked full of info.



The FitCast with Brett Bartholomew

The FitCast with Michael Boyle

CVASP with Tom Farrow

Strength Coach Podcast with Mike Perry and Kyle Holland

Pacey Performance with Derek Hansen


How to Avoid Injury and Maximize Strength by Correcting Rib Flare by Noah Harrison

6 Things Every Mentor Should Do by Harvard Business Review

8 Strategies for Maintaining Strength by Eric Cressey

Very Stable Idiot by Stu McMillan

Sleep and Training by Tony Gentilcore

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