Weekend Week in Review

Another week, another group of podcasts and articles to read and listen to that I have dived into this past week. There was some really good stuff put out there, especially podcasts.

For podcasts, I really enjoyed the HMMR Podcast with Matt Price. Matt is the strength coach for the LA Kings and his thoughts on hockey were interesting. Bigger then that, Matt spoke a lot about micro-dosing, training with the athletes almost daily but only 2-3 exercises and 10-15 minutes of lifting each day. I find this micro-dosing thought process interesting and something I’d like to learn a lot more about.

For articles, Eric Cressey always makes me think. His article on how lower body exercises can impact upper body functional is excellent. One thing I’ve learned from Eric is that arm care programs aren’t just about band exercises and switching from barbell to dumbbell bench press – they are full body programs.



HMMR with Matt Price

Pacey Performance with Brett Bartholomew

Performance Concepts Chats with Don Saladino

Strength Coach Podcast #233 with Sue Falsone


New Rules for Being a Strength Coach by Todd Hamer

How Lower Body Exercises can Impact Upper Body Performance by Eric Cressey

You Still Have to Train During the Season by John Cissik

Very Stable Idiot Week 25 by Stu McMillan

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