Monday Musings

Happy Monday! Here are a few thoughts bouncing around in my head after a week of reading, podcasts and other continuing ed. Enjoy!

  1. I recently re-read Charlie Weingroffs The Concept of Lowest System Load and can’t help but think it’s totally underrated. It is probably a good way of looking at things year-round, but to me its almost a no-brainer when it comes to in-season training. As Charlie states in the article, “The concept doesn’t say use light things; it says use the lightest implement possible to accomplish what you want to accomplish.” Basically, chase the training adaptation you are after by using the lightest/least stressful movement possible; 1-leg squats, 1-leg RDL’s, chin ups, push ups, landmine presses, swings, TRX rows along with many others seem like all exercises that fall into this category.
  2. Most people lack ankle mobility. It’s often one of the major reasons people can’t squat bilaterally properly. Add more ankle mobility drills into programs. Add more calf soft tissue work into your programs. Work on it regularly – daily if possible.
  3. As a coach you should be able to modify every exercise/movement you do in the weight room to make it non-painful for the people you work with. Training through pain is never a good idea.

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