Weekend Week in Review

Another week, another group of podcasts and articles to read and listen to that I have dived into this past week. There was some really good stuff put out there, especially podcasts.

For podcasts, the roundtable with Amanda Kimball (UConn), Katie Fowler (South Carolina) and Jeremy Heffner (Baylor) on women’s basketball was great. Lots of little tidbits for other coaches that work with that population.

For articles, two really stood out. One, the ACL Reduction article by Kevin Carr is gold. So much great info that way too many coaches are overlooking. Second, it is an older article, but the Lowest System Load article by Charlie Weingroff is a classic in my eyes. Another article more coaches should read or re-read.



Physical Prep Podcast with BJ Gaddour

CVASP #140 with Matthew Van Dyke

Women’s Basketball Roundtable with Amanda Kimball, Katie Fowler and Jeremy Heffner

South Carolina Women’s Baskebtall with Katie Fowler


Three Essentials to Any ACL Reduction Program by Kevin Carr

Is the Coppenhagen Adductor Exercise Smart for Groin Injuries? by Carl Valle

The Concept of Lowest System Load by Charlie Weingroff

7 Ways to Increase Training Density by Eric Cressey

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