Decreasing Hamstring Stress

Our goal as Strength coaches should be to find the exercise that yields the highest possible result with the lowest possible cost. Because of the demands of the sport, the exercises we choose will change at different times of the year.

Perfect example; both men’s and women’s basketball have returned for their summer session. With that, their time on the court has gone from virtually nothing to very high, meaning they have gone from small amounts of eccentric hamstring stress on a daily basis to a much higher amount through running, cutting, decelerating, landing etc. during this timeframe we’ve made some small changes to our lower body strength training with the goal of eliminating as much eccentric hamstring stress as we can to keep them healthy and not overworked.

💥 Band Resisted Broad Jump for less eccentric stress when landing

💥 Glute Bridge Walkout which is very isometric in nature

💥 Concentric only trap bar Deadlift

💥 Sled March which is essentially a concentric only movement

💥 Isometric Hip Bridge

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