2KB Front Squat

Thought of the day…you should feel better as a result of your training, not worse.

I am the classic trainee that suffers from low back pain/issues whenever I had previous back or front squatted. Because of that I went a LONG time without doing much bilateral squatting, besides tossing in some goblet squats every once in a while.

In the last couple months I have been incorporating more 2KB Front Squats to get some bilateral squatting in my program. The results have been great;

✔️Zero low back pain/issues the days following
✔️A lower over load on the system and not feeling beat down the following days allowing me train more consistently
✔️I can add a little extra volume of days I feel like it without any negative consequences the following days
✔️Lights up your core way more then any other bilateral squat
✔️No spinal loading or compression, something my body will probably thank me for years down the road .

I highly recommend you give it a shot if you suffer from low back pain after squatting like I do.

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