Pre-Train Med Ball Work

Every single day that I train I throw med balls. I use different weights. I throw into the wall with two arms. I throw into the wall with one arm. I slam into the ground. I toss rotationally. I throw from different angles all the time. I perform them kneeling. I perform the ½ kneeling. I perform them standing and I perform the dynamically by stepping etc.

It’s actually kind of fun – but that’s not the biggest reason I think we should all be throwing med balls often.

The big reason is that throwing med balls helps the core link the upper and lower body together. You create force with your lower body, the force gets transferred through the core, and ends with the release of the med ball.

For overhead med ball throws and slams the deceleration of the shoulder once the ball has been released can go a long way in shoulder health.

For an athlete that needs rotational power, like a hockey player shooting a puck, can develop the ability to create more power with side tosses, scoop tosses and other rotational work.

If you want to create more power, and everyone (athlete or weekend warrior) needs to learn to link power between the upper and lower body. Throw med balls, with intent, often.

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