Current Lower Body Training

Here is a little look into what my lower body training looks likes these days. Lots of single leg work. Lots of joint friendly training. Not a lot of spinal loading. Here’s why…

Lowest System Load: Trying to get the maximal benefit with the lowest overall load. As I get older my body doesn’t recover as well from many heavy bilateral lifts and quite honestly my desire to lift crazy heavy just isn’t there – and trust me, no one truly cares how much you squat or deadlift.

Less Spinal Loading: Again, as I get older, the less my body enjoys heavy spinal loading (it actually never really liked it). Plus, I think your body will thank in 20 years for not putting huge loads on your spine, no matter what your current age.

Joint Friendly: Training movement patterns (not leg presses and leg extensions) without putting excessive wear and tear on the joints.

Longevity: It would be nice to be able to tie my shoes, get up and down off the floor, and all the other little things we take for granted when we are young when I am 60+ years old.

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