Monday Musings

Happy Monday! Here are a few thoughts bouncing around in my head after a week of reading, podcasts and other continuing ed. Enjoy!

  1. As much as I don’t like it, hockey players are skating more and more in the off-season and as a result the training we do with them has changed slightly. Before we would regularly perform slideboard work for conditioning. Now we have them put on weight vest and perform slideboard as a strength exercise done in an explosive manner. We typically do a lot of sled crossover work…we started doing much less as the off-season moved forward and they were skating more. Both are still good training, just need to know when and where to use them.
  2. I like cleans and snatches as much as the next person, but I think you can get the same benefits from trap bar jump squats (from the hang or from the floor) which are extremely safe and have an extremely quick learning curve. At the end of the day, creating force and creating force.
  3. As coaches we need to filter the information we consume better and not let marketing and social media dictate what we do.

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