Weekend Week in Review

Another week, another group of podcasts and articles to read and listen to that I have dived into this past week. Like every week, there was a ton of content out there both in written form and through podcasts.

For podcasts, both the Iron Game Chalk Talk with Todd Hamer and CVASP with Matt Johnson were with basketball guys that have recently taken new jobs after being at one school for a long time. Some great info on both training and professional development.

For articles, take the time to read the Restoring Hip Flexion with Functional FAI by Kevin Carr. I probably have a little bit of a bias because I work with a sport that we see this issue often, but I also think more athletes that we work with deal with FAI issues then we think or realize.



Strength Coach Podcast #238.5

Strength Coach Podcast #239

Iron Game Chalk Talk with Todd Hamer

CVASP with Matt Johnson

Physical Prep Podcast with Andrew Paul


Professional Development: Processes vs. Outcomes by Eric Cressey

My 5 Least Favorite Coaching Cues by Mike Robertson

Restoring Hip flexion with Functional FAI by Kevin Carr

What a Sprint Coach Can Teach a Distance Coach by Chris Korfist

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