Random Thoughts – October Edition

Another month, another post full of random thoughts that have been going through my head. Hope it sparks a little thought in people and you enjoy!

  1. The best training philosophy is the one that works well in the situation you find yourself in and works well with the athletes that you work with.
  2. We have probably done more jumping, sprinting and throwing of med balls and less olympic lifting this year with teams then ever before as we try to train across the force-velocity curve. Strength is important, but powerful and explosive athletes are tough to beat.
  3. The idea of micro-dosing training is really interesting to me and something we have started doing with our women’s basketball team. A small dose of training, almost every day, as opposed to a larger dose 2-3 times per week. People don’t really get sore. They don’t really ever feel run down. It gives them something to focus on quickly then leave. Lots of reasons to like it IMO.
  4. Strength coaches needs to start looking at themselves as stress managers in-season. You have to know when to pick and choose when you push and when to take your foot off the gas. At the end of the day a fresh athlete come gameday is of the utmost importance.
  5. The biggest KPI for any sport is health.
  6. Friendly reminder to strength coaches: our jobs are to keep athletes healthy and improve sport performance, not produce weight room numbers.
  7. “If you train patterns you won’t miss muscles, but if you train muscles you will miss patterns.” – Team EXOS
  8. Just something bouncing around in my head and something I may try, but I am thinking about dropping down to two sets for knee dominate work in-season. Athletes are running a lot. They are skating a lot. There is a lot of stress on their lower bodies. Is less more?
  9. Person first. Athlete second.
  10. We have continued to consistently push sleds and continue to like what we are seeing. Horizontal, 1-leg strength. Very little eccentric muscle contraction = very little soreness. Use friendly – hard to not do well. Hard to get hurt performing the movement.

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