Complex Training for Power Development

Complex Training: pairing a biomechanically similar strength exercise (we go with 3-5 reps) with a power exercise (we go with 5-8 reps depending on the exercise) to improve power development.

Our first lift of the week in-season is typically more strength oriented. Our second in-season lift of the week we typically perform more of a speed-strength emphasis as we get closer to competition using complex training methods.

Some examples of what we’ve done 👇

✔️Trap Bar DL ➡️ Bodyweight Jump Squat
✔️Inverted Row ➡️ Overhead Med Ball Throw
✔️DB Incline Press ➡️ Standing Med Ball Chest Pass
✔️Split Squat ➡️ Explosive Step Up
✔️ Chin Up ➡️ Overhead Med Ball Slam

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