Why We Love Landmine Pressing

Why the Landmine Press has become a staple in our pressing movements:

🔶 Overhead Pressing is important for various reasons and needs to be trained – it’s often overlooked in favor of horizontal pressing like the bench press which is often over-emphasized by coaches/athletes.
🔶 Don’t try to fit a square leg in a round hole. Like it or not, there aren’t many people or athletes that have the mobility to go overhead without compensation. If you don’t have the ability or range of motion to press overhead and do it anyway, don’t be surprised if you end up getting hurt.
🔶 Promotes full scapular range of motion.
🔶 Unique demand on the core + standing, the way most sports are played.
🔶 Unilateral, which allows for more ease on the shoulders.
🔶 Generally more shoulder friendly then pressing with any type of straight bar.

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