Med Ball Overhead Throw

🔷 Trains/improves anterior core power
🔷 Helps to teach and athlete how to transfer power from the ground, through the core, and out of the hands
🔷 Excellent drill for a throwing/overhead athlete to teach the posterior shoulder to decelerate effectively that is similar to throwing a ⚾️ or hitting a 🏐
🔷 Allows for the ability to train power outside the sagittal plane

Our progression goes from tall kneeling ➡️ 1/2 kneeling ➡️ standing ➡️ stepping ➡️ 2-step. We never use a med ball heavier then 4lbs to maintain velocity.

Each progression adds either more joints or movement, which leads to greater velocity. Greater velocity = more power output and a greater demand on the posterior shoulder to decelerate.

We typically program 2-3 sets of 5-10 throws depending on the time of year and training effect we are after.

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