Weekend Week in Review

Another week, another group of podcasts and articles to read and listen to that I have dived into. Like every other week, there was a ton of content out there both in written form and through podcasts.

For podcasts, I really enjoyed both of the Pacey Performance episodes, one with Keir Wenham-Flatt and Michael Boyle. Rob’s podcast is definitely one of my favorite podcasts out there – always good stuff.

For articles, for coaches that spend a lot of time on the floor working, the article by Movement as Medicine on shorter but more dense workouts is great. They are something that I have incorporated into my weekly lifting schedule and have really enjoyed.



Pacey Performance with Keir Wenham-Flatt

Pacey Performance with Mike Boyle

Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast with Jorge Carvajal

Strength Coach Podcast #244

Leave Your Mark with Kelly Starrett


Short on Time? Don’t Your Training by Movement as Medicine

Sport Specific vs. Athlete Specific by Pat Livesey Jr.

Myths in Strength and Conditioning That Need to Disappear by Justin Ochoa

Correctives by Dan John

Injuries vs. Niggles by Eric Cressey

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