Why We Still Hang Clean

💥Why We Still Clean💥

🗣 Anyone that follows me knows that we’ve started to incorporate a lot more trap bar jump squats as part of our loaded or heavier implement power work. But that doesn’t mean we’ve totally ditched traditional power work like the Hang Clean. Far from it actually ➡️ most teams are still performing the lift on a weekly basis for various reasons ⬇️

🔶 Triple Extension. The explosive triple extension of the Hang Clean is and underlying motion of jumping and sprinting. The rapid force development is crucial in almost all sports.

🔶 Eccentric Strength Development. The triple extension and explosive nature of the movement is huge, but teaching the body to absorb force is also extremely important.

🔶 Improved coordination & athleticism.

🔶 They are fun. Not many athletes enjoy a heavy deadlift or RFESS, but many athletes really enjoy the fast, athletic Hang Clean.

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