Monday Musings

Happy Monday and Happy Christmas Eve! Here are a few thoughts bouncing around in my head after a week of reading, podcasts and other continuing ed. Enjoy!hello monday

  1. One thing that coaches continually do is confuse quantity with quality. Less is typically more. More is just more. Better is better. You’ll be hard pressed to find a time, in-season or off-season, where we perform more then 3 sets for an exercise – and we continue to get stronger and more powerful.
  2. Jorge Carvajal on Ron McKeefery’s Iron Game Chalk Talk Podcast was asked what his best coaching advice was. His answer was a quote by Boyd Epley during Jorge’s time at Nebraska…”The great one’s adapt.” Simple & brilliant.
  3. Another piece of advice that Jorge offered revolved around be happy as a strength/performance coach, which was to build your coaching practice around the life that you want to live, not the other way around. Great advice!

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