Good Coaching

The sign of a good coach in any sport 👉 they are curious, change their minds and evolve as the years go by.

Today on Twitter Coach Craig Cheek said that he’s done a 180 on a few things, all of which I completely agree with.

  1. Squat or Die ➡️ Though not popular with the squat or die community of strength coaches or the strength coaches that have an emotional attachment to back squatting, but other then Goblet Squatting we don’t squat on two legs with a bar (back or front squat) at all. Heavy doses of split squat variations and 1-Leg Squats make up the majority of our ‘squatting’. The UNH Women’s Hockey upper class(wo)men haven’t done a front or back squat and over 3 years yet are extremely 💪 👉 both those split squats are sets of 5 at 200lbs.
  2. Olympic Lift or Die ➡️ Our power/explosive work has evolved a lot the last 1-2 years. We don’t clean from the floor or Snatch with a barbell (not sure people have the shoulder mobility to do so). We clean from the Hang and 1-Arm DB Snatch. We sprint a lot. We sled sprint. We throw med balls in various planes. We broad jump against bands. We Trap Bar/2DB Jump Squat.
  3. Squats and Deadlifts are all the core training you need ➡️ Athletes need Anti-Extension work. They need Anti-Rotation work. They need Anti-Lateral Flexion work. They should be crawling. They should be carrying heavy things.

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