How We Program Core Work

Yesterday Daniel Flahie asked the twitter world how they programmed core work, which for me is really simple ➡️ we try to hit each core ‘category’ multiple times a week.

First, here is how we categorize our core work ⬇️

💥Anti-Extension: rollouts, Body saws, front plank variations, etc
💥Anti-Lateral Flexion: Pallof press variations, side plank variations, etc
💥Anti-Rotation: KB Drags, Push Up Taps, DB Plank Row, etc
💥Carries: Farmers, suitcase, Goblet, Bottoms Up, etc
❌Sit Ups, crunched, Russian twists

Here is how we actually program core work ⬇️

2️⃣ Day a Week Programs: if I have a team lifting 2 days a week (in-season) we’ll perform an Anti-Extension movement both days as well as an Anti-Lateral Flexion movement both days. In addition we’ll perform a carry on one day and an Anti-Rotation movement on the other day, giving us 3 core movements a day and ☑️ off all 3 categories throughout the week.

3️⃣ Day a Week Program: when we get to 3 days a week, nothing really changes (don’t overthink this 💩). We will still perform Anti-Extension/Lateral Flexion each day, still one Anti-Rotation exercise and will now add a second carry on the third day.

4️⃣ Day a Week Program: again, not much changes, we now get to do a little more. We’ll perform an Anti-Extension each day (Rollout day 1 & 3, Front Plank variation day 2 & 4). We’ll do Anti-Lateral Flexion work daily (Side Plank Variation day 1 & 3, Pallof press variation day 2 & 4). We’ll carry things twice a week (typically suitcase one day and farmers the other). We’ll perform Anti-Rotation twice a week. .
Don’t overthink things. Keep it simple. Pound the basics.

Hope that helps 💪

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