Fill the Empty Buckets

Fill buckets that aren’t filled in sport ➡️ stressing the same movement or movement patterns over and over again is flirting with an overuse related injury.

A perfect example is shooting a puck in hockey which is a rotational movement, a movement hockey players will perform countless times over the course of the week, month or in-season period.

How do we counteract that? With a simple thought process ➡️ stay away from the buckets that are already full.

Most of our med ball work in-season (especially the second half of the in-season period) does not include a rotational component. We still use med balls to train power in various planes through a heavy dose of slam variations, throw variations, and chest pass variations during this time period, staying away from a lot of rotational throws.

Does this mean we do zero rotational med ball work? No, we’ll perform a side toss variation the day before the weekend games as a PAP type activity along with some jumping and sprinting, but the volume is extremely low (2-3 sets of 3 reps per side).

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