Sport Specific Training

🗣 There has been a lot of talk (debate) lately on “sport specific” training. For me, it’s pretty straight forward 👉 training is human specific not sport specific. I’d say close 85-90% of what we do is the same from team to team or sport to sport.

➡️ Everyone Sprints
➡️ Everyone Throws Med Balls in various planes
➡️ Everyone performs Power work
➡️ Everyone performs Knee Dominant work
➡️ Everyone performs Hip Dominant work
➡️ Everyone Pushes things
➡️ Everyone Pulls things
➡️ Everyone performs “Anti” core work
➡️ Everyone performs interval based conditioning

That being said, on the other end of things our training does take in account some of the specific demands or injury concerns that a certain sport may have, like potential shoulder concerns for volleyball athletes or hip concerns with hockey players, but at a max those specific issues make up 10-15% of our training. That 10-15% is important, but too many people take it too far in the name of “sport specific”.

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