Anti-Extension Progression

What’s the most important roll of the core? Probably the ability of the core to prevent extension of the lumbar spine, not matter if we’re talking sport performance, your a weekend warrior, or you just want to feel strong and healthy.

We’ll usually train anti-extension twice a week. Once will be through a front Plank Progression and the other through a progression starting with the rollout.

Simple and effective progression that we use ⬇️

  1. Front Plank 👉 Feet Elevated Front Plank 👉 Feet Elevated Weighted Front Plank 👉 Front Plank Row
  2. Rollouts 👉 Fallout 👉 Body Saw 👉 Slide Board Push Up

Additionally, if you want more information about core training, check out my Functional Core Training!

In there you can find all the exercises we use, our progressions, and much more!

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