Unbalanced Lower Body Strength Work with Hockey?

🗣 This is pretty straight forward ➡️ hockey is a sport that is played in a constant hip flexed position. Because of that, in order to do everything you can to keep hips healthy, I think it’s critical to train hip extension often in-season.

This year we’ve taken things a but further and been adding a little more hip extension then we have in the past over the course of our training week. The thought 💭 has been to have an unbalanced approach with our lower body strength work, having more hip extension (posterior chain work) in the program then squat variations.

How we’ve gone about doing this ⬇️ typically giving us 10 sets of hip dominant work and 6 sets of knee dominant work in a given week.

💥We Sprint twice a week, usually Timed 10’s one day and Sled Sprints the other day, somewhere between 2-4 reps. Sprinting = Hip Extension plus the added benefit of developing a faster, more explosive skater. Win-win.

💥On our Monday lift we’ll 1-Leg RDL (3 sets) to get some hinging in and some type of Slideboard Leg Curl (2 sets) to get a bridge variation in. On the other end, we’ve been performing 3 sets of a split squat variation this day. 5 sets of hip dominant work, 3 sets of knee dominant work, plus the sprinting.

💥On our Wednesday lift we’ll Sled March (3 sets) for hip extension along with some Shoulder Elevated Hip Bridging (2 sets) to get more bridging in. Well also perform another 3 sets of a 1-Leg squat variation. Again, 5 sets of hip dominant work and 3 sets of knee dominant work.

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